No Programing Knowledge Required

Who has the time and knowledge required to write a mobile apps.?Plus the expense of custom programming. Did you know it can take a few months to code a mobile app, plus it requires special programming skills in web programming languages to deploy mobile apps on multiple platforms such as Android and Apple IOS. With Mobile on Campus you can have a mobile application available for use in as quick as a few days with no special programming knowledge required.

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Easy to Use (WYSIWYG) Content Builder

If you know how to use Microsoft Word, then you can create and manage mobile content fast using our platform. Create as many pages and live external links as you need! You can arrange and edit your pages at anytime. Each page you create lets you add image galleries and embed videos and audio and so much more. It’s like having 24 hour access to a custom mobile application builder without having to pay the high cost of application development. Anyone can now deploy mobile content that is exciting and easy to use.

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Link to All Mobile Content Via QR Code

All Mobile on Campus pages automatically get assigned a custom QR code. QR codes are a great way to direct mobile users to very specific content without them having to type any complicated long URLs.  Schools can print these QR codes on anything to help users navigate to dynamic mobile content quickly. You can generate unlimited pages with unlimited QR codes. All of the MOC codes get tracked in the system, so you can log in to your dashboard review how many times and when the codes were scanned. Students or Parents scan QR codes for information fast and easy.

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Mobile Learning

Mobile Learning is becoming an integral part of education as more student own and use portable devices. Smartphones with touch screen interfaces make interaction with portable devices easy for everyone. Many schools have been implementing Bring your own device,”BYOD” strategies to take advantage of mobile technology. Schools realize that mobile technology can be used to help engage the student with learning in ways that traditional technology can not. Mobile On Campus technology helps students build critical thinking skills for the 21st century.

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Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is marketing on or with a mobile device, such as a smart phone. Mobile marketing can provide customers with time and location sensitive, personalized information that promotes goods, services and ideas. For schools Mobile Marketing means you can promote the schools agenda and new course content to students, faculty and parents. Using our built in systems such as Text Messaging and Mobile Coupons you can engage with your audience in ways that have never been possible before with out this new technology.

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Mobile forms and Calendars

Mobile forms are a great way to collect data and information from your audience. For example you can create course evaluation forms that students can use to give the school feedback about a class or activity. You can use mobile forms to engage parents and faculty to get them more involved in school activities. With Mobile Calendars its easy to inform everyone of upcoming events and you can increase you event attendance. This is all built into Mobile on Campus.

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Group Text Messaging

This is a great way to engage with students, faculty and parents. Using our built-in group text messaging system you can send out a text message to a group is just a few minutes. You can create a mobile form that can request their phone numbers. Once they accept to receive messages from the school, you can very quickly add them to your list and send them a new text message with a link to multimedia information such as audio or video. This is the next wave in mobile communications and this can help any school with its information distribution.

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No Download required !

How many apps have you downloaded to your smart phone? How many of those apps have you deleted over time? … Downloaded apps take up valuable resources from your smartphone. With Mobile on Campus it is not required to download anything to your mobile device to see and interact with the mobile content because the entire system is cloud based. This means the content remains fresh and its easy to get to by any mobile users. Mobile on campus works across all mobile operating systems, including Apple, Android, Microsoft mobile and many more.

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Parental Involvement

Parents play an important part in their child’s education. Every parent has a mobile device.  By giving parent access to information on their mobile devices you can encourage parents to be more involved. Display event calendars, surveys, forms and much more.

Easy to use WYSIWYG desktop.

You can manage and track all of your mobile content with an easy to use content management system. No programming knowledge require to create mobile content fast.

21st Century Learning

Encourage Creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving, decision-making and learning though mobile technology.  Give skills for living in the real world. Create Collaborative problem-solving assignments.Encourage ICT literacy — learning in digital networks.

Track and Analyze Data

With the built in analytics you can see how often mobile users are seeing your mobile content. This is a great tool to see if your mobile information Is reaching the intended audience.

Mobile Learning Forum

Sharing information about specific learning topics and learning from each other. With Mobile Learning Forum technology students can work together to solve a common challenge, which involves the exchange of ideas, knowledge or resources to achieve their learning goals.

Mobile Content for Mobile Users.

Today everyone has a website, but not all websites are designed to be viewed on a small mobile screen. With MOC all content is designed for mobile devices. Images and content load very fast and look great on mobile device.

Qr code technology

Schools are begining to use QR codes to access to learning content fast and easy. No need to remember long website URLs. Simply scan the built-in smart codes and mobile information becomes available. They can be printed by the school and posted around campus.

Mobile Forms

With MOC you can create mobile forms quickly. These mobile forms can be used to create parent / student surveys and even create fast instructional quizzes for mobile users. You can manage all collected information using an easy to read dashboard.


MobileOnCampus offers a user-friendly mobile website builder and QR code generation solution for universities to create unlimited mobile pages. These pages can link to mobile content such as podcasts, videos, survey forms, instructional content, social media and much more. This system can be utilized for many things such as deploying instructional information or to promote new college courses to students. The campus faculty can use this to deliver information to each other or to deploy mobile content to students.

MobileOnCampus has a built in SMS text message service so the university can send out text messages to all faculty members to alert them about new information or even broadcast emergency messages campus wide.

Information is managed easily and efficiently while maintaining all mobile content within one secure platform. Mobile on Campus can also serve as a mobile portal to instructional content that is specifically designed for mobile devices.

MobileOnCampus offers teachers and students a more flexible approach to teaching and learning by combining a simple mobile content delivery platform that bridges off-line (printed materials) and on-line content. Computer labs are great, but do your students use technology in the classroom, in the school garden, in the study hall, in the gym, and on field trips? With Mobile on Campus, you can engage with mobile users anytime , anywhere. This technology can help you deploy your 1 to 1 learning initiatives in the school district.

MobileOnCampus provides school administrators with new and exciting ways to engage with students, parents, and faculty, and effectively distribute information by strategically placing QR codes on campus that are linked to Mobile On Campus mobile pages. Some of the places QR codes can be used include the library, on banners guiding new students and visitors around campus, on classroom doors, and many more. Contact us for details.


MobileOnCampus is an internet cloud based service for K-12 school districts and their learning communities. Mobile on Campus website hosting service is eligible for federal funding discounts through the E-rate program.


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